Amapola Anaranjada

Artist Name: Eleonora Zúñiga Jiménez
Medium: Acrylic
Size of Piece: 1.2mx1m
I am a plastic painter and artisan born in a home of artisans and sculptors, in Alajuela Costa Rica. My father was a sculptor of Church sculptures and my mother an artisan; my brothers are sculptors who have worked in iron, wood, marble, bronze, and ice and my sister is an oil painter on canvas. At 74 years old I have extensive experience in acrylics on canvas and mural painting with tropical themes, nature, flowers, and animals as well as contemporary and eclectic. I also do restoration work on paintings and decoration of ¨carretas típicas¨, furniture, and ornaments. I have done work in beach houses, both in the garden and pool area, as well as in workshops and commercial places. If you want to have the nature of our country in your home or workshop, contact me.
Availability: Available for Purchase
Location at TRIO: Event Venue

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